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Experience timeless, magical portraits in a unique photographic process! We paint with silver and light, your story, your portrait!


Under this brand Dino Rekanović and Torsten Wieczorek produce unique images using the Wet-Plate-Collodion process, as well as alternative printing processes such as cyanotypes, salt or albumen prints, kallitypes or aristotypes. Fascinated by the look and expression of old Wet-Plate-Collodion images, we decided to revive this old technique. With our photographs and portraits, we combine art and craft and create little icons for eternity! Sitting for a wet-plate portrait is like sitting for a painting: You have to let go of the feeling of being in control of yourself, being calm and alive in the present. This brings out a deeper layer of your own self, which is wonderfully reflected in the powerful nuances of black and white, in the portrait. A part of the soul is revealed and we are always moved how deeply people are touched when they hold their, freshly developed wet-plate portrait in their hands. Our Wet-Plate Collodion Portraits sessions are a rare opportunity to step back in time and give yourself and your loved ones a unique, focussed picture of who you are as a human being. Come and experience this combination of art and craft for yourself. It will stay with you forever.


A portrait, crafted by us, paints a person, in a unique moment, exposed in silver on a three-dimensional plate, with all the character, size and personality. We love to tell honest stories, and we will gladly tell yours as well.


Creating Wet Plate Collodion portraits has given me a whole new perspective on photography. I have been working as a professional photographer for many years and I use this medium to express myself as an artist.


Photography, or more precisely, analog black and white photography preferably in medium and large format are his passion, which he mainly pursues as a landscape and architecture photographer. However, he is very interested in historic photographic techniques, such as the Wet-Plate-Collodion process and alternative printing processes, which he can pursue in such a special way with the Wiener Alchemisten.




After an agreed appointment, in our studio or, in the case of larger projects, also at your company. You should take about 90 minutes for the session. We will take our time to portray you in the desired light.



Spoilt for choice. We offer several formats and you should have decided in advance whether you want your portrait on aluminum plate (tintype) or on a black glass (ambrotype).



You will experience all the steps of our shooting up close and personal and watch how your portrait is created by magic. Afterwards the plate has to be rinsed several times, dried and sealed the next day with a special varnish.

The two-day workshop "Cyanotype, Kallitypie und Albumenprint" was a real treat! Torsten and Dino are wonderful teachers and wanting to share all the secrets of crafts. Two very interesting days and a lot of beautiful prints. My recommendation for anyone interested in photography.

-Eva Azinović

Ein Solches flaches, tiefgreifend dreidimensionales Foto, hast du sicher NOCH NIE gehabt.

-Goran Novaković

Dino und Torsten haben ein höchst professionelles Seminar zum Thema Edeldruckverfahren geboten. Wir konnten in der Gruppe die unterschiedlichsten Methoden ausprobieren und auf jegliche Frage wurde eingegangen sowie ein super ausgearbeitetes Skripten zur Verfügung gestellt. Mich hat insbesondere die Cyanotypie auf Glas fasziniert und war sehr stolz, mein erstes selbst hergestelltes Bild in Händen zu halten. Bitte macht unbedingt weiter mit Euren Workshops und ich möchte auch wieder dabei sein. Liebe Grüße Peter

-Peter Naszay

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